We did it // Mums pavyko

We did it!!!One year on the road!!Happy,so happy..Thanks for all people,who wrote us nice e-mails,sent us news,pictures or good vibes,Thanks for all who gave us a roof,food or just spent time together.Thanks for good advices,your time and energy,Thanks for all drivers who gave us ride..Thanks for the ones who came to join us during our trip.And the ones who followed our blog.Big Thanks for our families and friends.Just because you are and without you, the trip would be not possible.We miss you all.

Mums pavyko!!Metai kelyje!Laimingi!Aciu visiems uz zinutes,palaikymus,nakvynes,maista,kartu praleista laika.Aciu mus pavezusiems,aciu uz patarimus,aciu prie musu prisijungusiems ir sekusiems musu nuotykius bloge.Labai labai dekojame seimyniskiams ir draugams.Be jusu-nebutu musu..Pasiilgome!

A few weeks left to finish the way back to Lithuania.So the trip is not finished!After one year we still on the road.Thanks for the ones who will help us and will not forget for very last days:)
Best greetings come from Turkey,Istambul.We celebrate today with You in our hearts.Homless, jobless,moneyless,but happy.
Vive les voyages!Vive l’amour !

Liko dar kelios savaites,tad kelione nesibaige.Svenciame 12menesiu Turkijos mieste Istambule.Jus-musu sirdyse.Be namu,pinigu,darbo…Labai laimingi.Tegyvuoja keliones,tegyvuoja meile!




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